UCL Cancer Institute


Sonia Buckingham - Safety Advisor

Sonia Buckingham shares her thoughts on the Athena Swan Committee

What is your role in the Athena SWAN Committee? 

I act as join Inclusion Lead with Manuela and Louise, Schools work experience coordinator and introducing Athena SWAN to all new starters at the new starters safety induction.

Why did you join the Athena SWAN Committee?

I was both a scientist who has moved sideways to a transitional career and also a parent.

What does the Athena SWAN Committee do?

Empowers all CI staff and students to have an equal chance of achieving their full potential and ambitions in all aspects of science and related careers. 

Are there any Athena SWAN initiatives that have helped you in your career?

Before the Athena SWAN charter was launched in 2005 I was transitioning from full time science as a parent with young children and studying for my professional qualifications. I encountered resistance from my manager (not UCL) to balance work, studying and personal life. I feel that if Athena SWAN initiatives had been in place my career path would have been less bumpy. I am currently very much supported by the Cancer Institute.