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The Interdisciplinary Rhinology, Sinus/Skull Base Surgery and Head and Neck Cancer Programme needs your support.

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This interdisciplinary programme aims to face the most significant challenges and unmet clinical needs in Rhinology, Smell Dysfunction, Sinus/Skull Base Surgery, Head and Neck Cancer and beyond, and to have the greatest impact on patients’ health and wellbeing. We aim to find novel treatments and diagnostic markers. 

Donations: https://www.uclhcharity.org.uk/donation (Fund Name: Interdisciplinary Rhinology and Skull Base Surgery Programme (ref. 1708)

For example,

  • Studying novel markers used for the diagnoses, treatment and prognosis for Head & Neck Cancers.  
  • Studying novel treatments in the management of Smell Dysfunction. 
  • Innovative methods to improve pre-operative planning. 

Your donations to our work are very well received, thank you!