UCL Cancer Institute



We run an active PhD programme.


Mr. Lechner currently supervises 5 PhD students (3 as primary supervisor) and he has supervised the theses of more than 10 postgraduate students on varying degree programmes at UCL over the years, with one having won the Dean's Prize. He is actively lecturing on numerous degree programmes at UCL, with a focus on the translation of teaching innovation.

He is the Course Director of clinical courses which use innovative 3D modelling technology for teaching and surgical training. He was one of the first surgeons at UCL who has been awarded an Advanced Higher Education Fellowship.

Matt has also co-founded the Bench-to-Bedside mentorship programme in 2019 and is co-chairing the B2B mentorship committee. This programme helps to provide mentorship for MSc students and junior PhD students. Aside this formal programme, he has provided extensive support and mentoring for early researchers and junior medical doctors, some of whom now hold positions in prestigious clinical training programmes or postdoctoral positions at prestigious universities.

Matt also runs a sustained, local outreach programme with a school to encourage students from under-represented groups to apply to higher education and familiarise them with innovative clinical technologies and a hands-on experience.

He is willing to hear from prospective students at any time. Students should have at least an upper second-class degree. For details contact Matt Lechner at m.lechner@ucl.ac.uk.