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CRUK UCL Centre & UCL Cancer Domain Multidisciplinary Seminar Series

The dawn of phenotypic medicines: From the physics of multivalent interaction to personalised therapy - Professor Giuseppe Battaglia, Department of Chemistry & Dr Stefano Angioletti-Uberti, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials, Imperial College London

Date: Friday 29th May 2020
Time: 12:00-13:00

Join us for the first CRUK UCL Centre & UCL Cancer Domain Multidisciplinary Seminar Series of 2020 which will be held virtually via Zoom.

These seminars showcase multidisciplinary research across UCL with a focus on cancer to encourage new collaborations between UCL cancer researcher with different specialisms. We encourage you all to attend to explore areas outside your current research focus.

A central dogma in drug discovery is to select those molecules that bind the strongest to the given target. While such an approach works for unique receptors, such as a pathogen or mutated protein, often the target protein is not uniquely expressed by the target tissue. Here, the high-affinity increases off-target interaction leading to side-effects, sometimes outweighing the therapeutic effect. A way around such a lack of selectivity is to target cells combining weak interactions generating association by entropy-driven binding, ergo the final interaction results from a combination of several events linked to the actual target phenotype, i.e. receptors composition and concentration. Recently we lay out the principles of what we defined here as phenotypic targeting (Tian et al.) and we show we can implement in targeting cancer cells and blood-brain barrier cells. Here we will introduce the physics behind multivalent and multiplexed interaction and how we transform this into the chemical design of nanomedicines that have to potential to target specific subcellular populations or even personalised to the single individual.


ACED Summer School: Discovery and Development of Diagnostics for the Early Detection of Cancer - Virtual Conference

Date: Monday 6th July - Thursday 16th July 2020
Location: Virtual conference hosted by the Knight Cancer Institute, OHSU.

Now in its second year, the summer school event is presented by the International Alliance for Cancer Early Detection, or ACED. It’s designed for those who are developing new technologies and interventions for the early detection of cancer and those who are interested in exploring this rapidly expanding and exciting field. Registration is open to academic, corporate and trainee delegates.

This event focuses on the scientific, clinical and policy challenges of developing and validating new screening technologies and interventions for the early detection of cancer. Participants will learn from experts across multiple disciplines on the science and technology of diagnostics through to clinical trials design, evidence review, regulatory perspectives and pathway to adoption, to the societal impacts of early cancer detection. Companies will present case studies on their technologies and give insight into the bench-side to market-place pathway.

For a truly immersive experience, delegates may choose to participate in a team activity ‘Envisioning New Diagnostics’ developed by the International School of Biomedical Diagnostics, Arizona State University (ASU). This activity is a simulation to demonstrate the principles of diagnostic test development and market saturation, culminating in a competitive presentation. ASU has considerable experience in this field, offering a one-year, online Master of Science degree in Biomedical Diagnostics developed together with academic partner, Dublin City University (DCU) and industry partners. The degree focuses on the global business and application of diagnostics in the healthcare and research arenas today.

We are excited to offer networking opportunities throughout the week of Summer School. Get the most out of your experience by interacting with researchers, sponsors and speakers. Choose breakout sessions, lightning talks, and mixers.

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Cancer Research UK Early Detection of Cancer Conference

Date: Tuesday 6th - Thursday 8th October 2020
Location: London

Together with OHSU Knight Cancer Institute and the Canary Center at Stanford, CRUK present the Early Detection of Cancer Conference series. The annual Conference brings together experts in early detection from multiple disciplines to share ground breaking research and progress in the field.

The Conference is part of a long-term commitment to invest in early detection research, to understand the biology behind early stage cancers, find new detection and screening methods, and enhance uptake and accuracy of screening.

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NCITA National Conference: Translating Imaging Biomarkers for Improved Patient Outcomes

Date: Postponed - new date TBC
Time: TBC
Location: TBC

NCITA launches its first national conference in cancer imaging. Sessions will explore QA/QC of imaging technology, introduce some of the latest research in cancer imaging and discuss the use and storage of patient data. This event is free to attend and will be catered. See attached draft programme.


UCL Cancer Domain Symposium 2020

Date: Postponed - new date TBC
Time: TBC
Location: TBC

We are delighted to announce that registration for the second UCL Cancer Domain Symposium is now open. 

This one-day symposium will showcase numerous disciplines side by side for a distinctive take on cancer themes across a range of environmental scales:

  • The tumour immune microenvironment
  • The special environment of the brain
  • The urban environment: with GUEST KEYNOTE - Professor Frank Kelly, Director of the Environmental Research Group, King’s College London
  • The digital environment

Please see the registration link for more information on confirmed speakers and what you can expect from each session.

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Multidisciplinary Seminar Series

The CRUK UCL Centre will be reinstating the popular multidisciplinary seminar series later this year in partnership with the UCL Cancer Domain. The series highlights research from a wide range of disciplines throughout UCL and other institutions across London with an aim to forge multi-disciplinary collaborations to the benefit of our cancer research programmes. These seminars have been pivotal to our success in gaining numerous multidisciplinary awards, as evidenced by UCL attaining six of these awards since their inception by CRUK.

Upcoming Seminars in 2020 - Dates TBC

  • The dawn of phenotypic medicines: From the physics of multivalent interaction to personalised therapy - Professor Giuseppe Battaglia & Dr Stefano Angioletti-Uberti 
  • Replication stress and cancer: a cause and therapeutic opportunity - Professor Rob de Bruin & Dr Marc Mansour
  • Professor Jasmin Fisher & Dr Matthew Clarke
  • Dr Maria Secrier & Professor Chris Barnes
  • Cancer prevention and tobacco use: the role of e-cigarettes - Professor Jamie Brown & Dr Lion Shahab

Examples of our most recent seminars are listed below.

Dr David Atkinson
Lebina Kakkar
Prostate cancer MRI: routine practice, advanced techniques and improved robustnessMetabolism & Experimental Therapeutics
Professor Alethea Tabor
Dr Kerstin Sander
Chemical Tools for ImagingDept of Chemistry
Dr Emad Moeendarbary
Dr Fabian Spill
Microvasculature Mechanics: From in vitro Microfluidic Models to Computational Simulations Dept of Mechanical Engineering
School of Mathematics, Uni of Birmingham
Professor Guillaume Charras
Dr Guillaume Salbreux
Control of cell and tissue shape by the cytoskeleton: linking molecular mechanisms to mechanicsLondon Centre for Nanotechnology
Professor Chris Clark
Dr Patrick Hales
Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Paediatric Neuro-OncologyICH Developmental Neurosciences Programme

Dr Kate Ricketts
Professor Quentin Pankhurst

Inorganic nanoparticles: a theranostic agent for cancerResearch Department of Targeted Intervention (London Centre of Nanotechnology)
Dept of Med Phys & Biomedical Eng
Professor Paul Dalby
Dr Qasim Rafiq
Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing HubDepartment of Biochemical Engineering
Dr Paul Barber
Professor Tony Ng
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy in Cancer ResearchResearch Department of Oncology