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    UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences lecture: Can we use the immune system to fight cancer?

    Date: Tuesday 25th January 2022
    Time: 17:00-18:00
    Location: Online webinar
    Speaker: Dr Claire Roddie

    This exciting lecture by Dr Claire Roddie, Associate Professor, UCL and Consultant Haematologist at UCLH, will discuss the science of biohacking, where biologists go into a patient’s genetic code and reprogram their immune system to recognise and fight cancer cells.
    This talk will focus on a technique called CAR T-cell therapy, also known as a type of cell-based gene therapy as it involves altering the genes inside T cells to help them attack the cancer. This ground-breaking approach to treating some types of cancer can be very effective, even when other treatments are no longer working.
    This lecture will be followed by a Q&A with Dr Roddie.

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    UCL Brain Cancer Seminar Series: spinal neuro-oncology

    Date: Wednesday 2nd February 2022
    Time: 12:00-13:00
    Location: Online webinar


    • David Choi - Professor of Neurosurgery & Consultant in Neurosurgery (UCLH/UCL) - Skull base and spine tumours: evolution of technology, surgery and outcomes
    • Michael Fehlings - Professor of Neurosurgery & Senior Scientist (UoT/TWH) - Management of metastatic spine disease: Moving toward precision-based medicine

    The seminars will be an opportunity to bring together the research community across UCL (QS IoN, GOSH-ICH, and the CI), NHS Trusts (UCLH, GOSH), and the Francis Crick Institute, alongside our wider national & global partners - including University of Toronto. We will use these seminars to raise the researcher profile, foster engagement and encourage networking across research groups working in areas related to brain cancer, across diverse disciplines, including engineering, machine learning, and basic biology through to clinical studies. The seminars will provide a platform for knowledge exchange and transfer to help facilitate cross collaborative projects across the breadth of the translational pipeline, to lead and support cutting-edge research in brain tumour biology, novel diagnostic methods, and new therapies, in our mission to cure brain cancer.

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    Proton Beam Therapy Public Lecture

    Date: Wednesday 9th February 2022
    Time: 18:30-21:00
    Location: Logan Hall, 20 Bedford Way, University College London, London, WC1H 0AL

    High energy Proton Beam Therapy (PBT) is a type of radiotherapy that uses a beam of high energy protons to treat specific types of cancer. Following ten years of provision under the Proton Overseas Programme, which provided treatment abroad to over 1100 patients with costs met by the NHS, PBT began in England in 2018, with the opening of the Proton Beam Therapy Centre at The Christie in Manchester. The second NHS centre will open at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) in late 2021.
    This lecture, for the public, healthcare professionals and academics alike, brings together leading oncologists, medical physicists and therapeutic radiographers to present and discuss current and future aspects of PBT, including: 

    • The principles and delivery of PBT
    • PBT and children
    • The future of PBT
    • Research opportunities
    • Q&A with our experts

    Refreshments and networking will follow the lecture (from around 8pm).

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    UCL Cancer Domain Symposium

    Date: Wednesday 11th May 2022
    Location: TBC

    Save the date: For the first time in two years the the UCL Cancer Domain Symposium will be back as in person event on Wednesday 11th May 2022!

    Poster sessions, exhibition stands and the networking reception will all return as well as excellent talks for what is sure to be a fascinating day.

    More information coming soon.  


    Cancer Research UK Brain Tumour Conference 2022

    Date: Monday 16th - Wednesday 18th May 2022
    Location: Leonardo Royal London, Tower Bridge, London, UK

    Registration for the CRUK Brain Tumour Conference is now open.
    Taking place on 16–18 May 2022 in London, the conference will bring together specialists in brain tumour research and allied disciplines for a jam-packed agenda of lightning talks, networking sessions and expert panel discussions. 
    The Scientific Committee is Michelle Monje (Stanford University), Richard Gilbertson (CRUK Cambridge Centre) and Simona Parrinello (UCL Cancer Institute). Information on the line-up of speakers will come soon.

    An early-bird rate is available until 11th March 2022.

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    Early Detection of Cancer Conference 2022

    Date: Tuesday 18th - Thursday 20th October 2022
    Location: Portland, Oregon, USA

    The Early Detection of Cancer Conference will return as an in-person event next year in Portland, Oregon.

    Join CRUK on 18–20 October to discuss the latest in early detection research and meet experts from across the globe. Save the date and sign up below to hear when registration opens.

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    Multidisciplinary Seminar Series

    The CRUK UCL Centre will be reinstating the popular multidisciplinary seminar series later this year in partnership with the UCL Cancer Domain. The series highlights research from a wide range of disciplines throughout UCL and other institutions across London with an aim to forge multi-disciplinary collaborations to the benefit of our cancer research programmes. These seminars have been pivotal to our success in gaining numerous multidisciplinary awards, as evidenced by UCL attaining six of these awards since their inception by CRUK.

    Examples of our most recent seminars are listed below.

    Dr Sahra Gibbon
    Clara Therond
    Dr Jorge Iriart
    Cancer and Personalised Medicine: Anthropological Perspectives

    Department of Anthropology UCL

    Instituto de Saúde Coletiva, Universidade Federal da Bahia

    Professor Jamie Brown
    Professor Lion Shahab
    Cancer prevention and tobacco use: the role of e-cigarettesBehavioural Science and Health
    Professor Rob de Bruin
    Dr Marc Mansour
    Replication stress and cancer: a cause and therapeutic opportunityMedical Research Council Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology (MRC LMCB)
    UCL Cancer Institute
    Professor Giuseppe Battaglia
    Dr Stefano Angioletti-Uberti 
    The dawn of phenotypic medicines: From the physics of multivalent interaction to personalised therapyDept of Chemistry
    Faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials, Imperial College London
    Dr David Atkinson
    Lebina Kakkar
    Prostate cancer MRI: routine practice, advanced techniques and improved robustnessMetabolism & Experimental Therapeutics
    Professor Alethea Tabor
    Dr Kerstin Sander
    Chemical Tools for ImagingDept of Chemistry
    Dr Emad Moeendarbary
    Dr Fabian Spill
    Microvasculature Mechanics: From in vitro Microfluidic Models to Computational Simulations Dept of Mechanical Engineering
    School of Mathematics, Uni of Birmingham
    Professor Guillaume Charras
    Dr Guillaume Salbreux
    Control of cell and tissue shape by the cytoskeleton: linking molecular mechanisms to mechanicsLondon Centre for Nanotechnology
    Professor Chris Clark
    Dr Patrick Hales
    Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Paediatric Neuro-OncologyICH Developmental Neurosciences Programme

    Dr Kate Ricketts
    Professor Quentin Pankhurst

    Inorganic nanoparticles: a theranostic agent for cancerResearch Department of Targeted Intervention (London Centre of Nanotechnology)
    Dept of Med Phys & Biomedical Eng
    Professor Paul Dalby
    Dr Qasim Rafiq
    Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacturing HubDepartment of Biochemical Engineering
    Dr Paul Barber
    Professor Tony Ng
    Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy in Cancer ResearchResearch Department of Oncology