UCL Cancer Institute


IMDC Equipment

  • BD FACS Fortessa cell sorter and Fusion Aria cell sorter in place in the Flow Cytometry Core Facility with Prime Flow from Affymetrix/eBoscience (for detecting RNA and Protein simultaneously)
  • FACS Verse available in the GCLP lab
  • Helios Mass Cytometer
  • Vectra (Multiplex histopathology imaging system) in place in the Microscopy and Imaging Core Facility
  • Leica Bond Rxm for automated RNAScope and BaseScope (multiplex in situ hybridisation)
  • Thermo Fisher Q-exactive Plus and Easy LC Mass spectrometer in place in the Proteomics Core Research Facility
  • GE Wave Bioreactor
  • MaxCyte STX cell electroporator (Scalable high efficiency transfection using transient gene experession) for biotherapeutic discovery and development
    in place in the Recombinant Protein lab
  • Nanostring nCounter Sprint for performing multianalyte measurement of both RNA and proteins simultaneously with single tube multiplexing

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