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All the best, Po Liu!

Friday 2 March 2018. We have been lucky to have Po at the BLIC for 3 months. In that time, he has been looking at cancer neo-antigens using neural networks. Nice piece of work in such a short time!

Mariana Pereira (Gert Attard's group) joins the BLIC

January 2018. Mariana is a new bioinformatician in Gert Attard's group and she is joining the BLIC. Her project focuses on estimating tumour content from plasma DNA. Welcome on-board!

Po Liu, visitor at the BLIC

Monday 11 Dec 2017. An MD student from University of Sidney, visiting Charlie Swanton's group is joining the BLIC today to delve in cancer neo-antigens. Welcome Po!

Farewell John Ambrose!

Friday 20 Oct 2017. After 3 years of hard work, John has decided to join Genomics England and we wish him all the best in his new enterprise. Luckily, he will be close by and we hope to see him from time to time.

Helena Vincentelli (Mark Linch's group) joins the BLIC

Tue 27 June 2017. Helena is joining the BLIC to work on a prostate cancer heterogeneity in Dr Mark Linch’s Urological Cancer Biology Group. We hope the BLIC is a great environment for the success of your research!

Waqasuddin's last day

Tuesday 10 May 2016. After 2 months at the BLIC, it is time to say farewell to Waqas! Coffee, tea, cake and a group picture to remember the day.

Group picture on Waqas' last day…

Chela James and Annabel Tran start at the BLIC

Tuesday 3 May 2016. Just after the early May bank holiday, we have two newcomers at the BLIC. Chela James from joins Tariq Enver's group and will be hosted at the BLIC. Annabel Tran is our 2016 MSc Cancer student who will be studying cancer driver genes until early September.

Waqasuddin Khan is visiting the BLIC

Monday 14 March 2016. Waqasuddin (Waqas for short) Khan has arrived today at the BLIC where he will spend 2 months studying variants that affect Transcription Factor Binding Sites in enhancers. He comes from the Jamil-ur-Rahman Center for Genome Research, ICCBS, University of Karachi (Pakistan) with a Charles Wallace Visiting Fellowship from the British Council Pakistan.

deconstructSigs package on CRAN

Friday 15 January 2016. Rachel Rosenthal has just published her first R package on CRAN: deconstructSigs. The package is inspired by the work of Alexandrov et al, 2013 on mutational signatures. This tools identifies the weighted combination of the aforementioned signatures that, when summed, most closely reconstructs the mutational profile for a given sample.

Single cell RNA-seq symposium

Wednesday 9 December. Today we have had John Marioni from EMBL-EBI and CRUK Cambridge Institute) as our special guest for the Single Cell RNA-seq symposium. The event started his presentation entitled "Using single-cell transcriptomics to study early development" and continued with an in-depth discussion on different aspects of single cell analysis, including technical approached, data analysis and biological interpretation of the results.

Patrick Lombard joins the BLIC

Monday 2 November 2015. Patrick Lombard has joined UCL today. Working in the Genetics & Cell Biology of Sarcoma group headed by Adrienne Flanagan, Patrick will initially be based at the BLIC where he will be focusing on the analysis whole-exome sequencing data.

ChIP-seq symposium

Wednesday 16 September 2015. Many thanks to Anna Poetsch (The Francis Crick Institute) and Steven Wilder (EMBL-EBI) for their participation on the ChIP-seq symposium today. Following their presentation on "What determines Pol2 positioning at transcriptional start sites" and "Dwelling on ChIP-seq QC problems: enrichment, reproducibility and peak-caller issues" respectively at the Bill Lyons Informatics Centre, the discussion continued in the afternoon. Richard Jenner, Chris Barrington and Jason Wray introduced different topics around the quantification, reproducibility and comparison of ChIP-seq data.

Lucia Conde joins the group

Monday 1 June 2015. Lucia Conde has just joined the bioinformatics team. She worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Christine Skibola's lab at UC Berkeley (CA, USA) and UAB (AL, USA) conducting statistical and bioinformatic data analyses on population studies, with a major focus on Non Hodgkin's lymphoma and other haematological malignancies.

BLIC Seminar: Andrea Sottoriva

Wednesday 22 April 2015. Today Andrea Sottoriva presented his latest work on "Neutral evolution and star-like phylogenies in next-generation sequencing data". He introduced the so-called 'Big Bang' model of tumour growth. Read the original paper.

Yaseen Ladak joins the group

Monday 2 March 2015. Welcome to Yaseen, new member of the bioinformatics team. Yaseen has built his bioinformatics in several places, including the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Kings College London. Apart from his experience with NGS data, he also brings new expertise the design of CRISPR guide sequences and in the analysis of mass spectrometry data.

BLIC Seminar: Robert Sugar

Wednesday 19 November 2014. Robert Sugar from the EMBL-EBI (now at Intel) presented his research work on the analysis of Hi-C data and the lessons learned on how the promoters and the enhancers interact with one another and with the genes they regulate.

Single Cell Genomics facilities

Thursday 23 October 2014. The Medical Research Council has awarded £3.6M to the UCL Cancer Institute for establishing a new facility for the study of individual Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs). The Bill Lyons Informatics Center will be instrumental in the analysis of these data. Read more.

First bioinformatics seminar

Thursday 11 September 2014. Together with other bioinformaticians and computational biologists from other teams at the UCL Cancer Institute, we have had our first bioinformatics seminar today. While the topic was very technical on this occasion, we have talked about how to make the best of the compute resources available at UCL, it was a nice way to exchange knowledge, ideas and tips on our every day life.

John Ambrose joins the team

Monday 9 June 2014. We welcome John to the Bill Lyons Informatics Centre. John, the third full-time recruit for the BLIC, has just completed his PhD in HIV molecular epidemiology at the University of Liverpool. His expertise in phylogeny and genome analysis is a great addition to the group.

Stephen Henderson moves to the BLIC

Monday 14 april 2014. Stephen has moved today to the Bill Lyons Informatics Centre, after spending a few years in Chris Boshoff's group. His wide range of bioinformatics skills, especially his expertise on gene expression analysis, will greatly benefit the team.

Opening event

Thursday 4 April 2014. Frank Dobson, MP for Holborn and St. Pancras and a former Secretary of State for Health open the new Centre. The event was attended by representatives of the Bill Lyons Charitable Trust and other funders. View full information, UCL News.

It all started on...

Monday 3 May 2014. First day at the Bill Lyons Informatics Centre. For the time being, it is only Javier Herrero on the 6th floor of the Paul O'Gorman building.