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Non-Mass Spec Proteomics

We offer a platform for researchers to purify the protein samples or cell lysates for subsequent measuring of protein-protein interactions or protein detection. We have Akta (Micro and Prime Plus from GE Healthcare) and Octet Red96 (Fortebio) instruments available. In addition, we operate Ettan IPGphor 3 and a Typhoon imager (GE Healthcare) for 2D-DIGE imaging.


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Instruments and specifications

Akta Prime

Lab 106

Akta is equipment used for the protein purification via ion exchange, size exclusion or affinity chromatography. Affinity chromatography is the most common way of purifying recombinant proteins. The proteins are genetically modified to contain various tags (His, GST, etc.). Tags have affinity for the molecules on the column (nickel or cobalt ions or glutathione). By applying high pH or high concentration of buffer (imidazole) the purified protein is eluted. Akta Prime maximum pressure applied on the column and the flow rate: max. pressure 1 MPa, max. flow rate 50 ml/min.

Octet Red96

Lab 106

Octet Red96 is used for measuring protein-protein/small molecule affinity and kinetics and the protein concentration. It uses disposable biosensors in the 96 well plate format. The advantage is low operational cost due to the possibility to regenerate the biosensors and absence of micro-fluidic system.

Dip and Read Biosensors - fortebio.com

Typhoon Trio+

Lab 132

Typhoon Trio+ is used for imaging of fluorescent protein gels (SYPRO Ruby, Deep Purple), fluorescent western blots (ECL Plus, ECL Plex), fluorescent nucleic acid stains (SYBR-green). It can also be used as phosphor imager for developing phosphor storage screens.