UCL Cancer Institute


Organoid Platform

The Organoid Platform provides support to researchers across the UCL Cancer Institute.

Our Organoid Specialist provides support to researchers including:

  • 1-to-1 teaching of organoid culture methods to researchers
  • Establishment of a new patient-derived organoid (PDO) derivation pipeline with UCLH to support translational research projects
  • Supporting the development of novel organoid platforms on a project-by-project basis following committee approval
  • Centralising the purchase, production, and distribution of common organoid culture reagents (e.g. Matrigel, conditioned media)


1-1 organoid culture training
  • Training in basics of organoid derivation, culture and experimental set-up on colorectal cancer models (human or mouse organoid platforms)
  • Review and help with preparation of protocols for novel organoid platforms and experimental proceedures with 3D models
Derivation organoid pipeline
  • Derivation and culture of organoids from patient’s healthy tissue and colorectal cancer tumour specimens
  • Derivation and genetic manipulation of healthy and tumour organoid paired stroma and immune cells
Centralised purchase and production of organoid reagents
  • Purchase and distrtribution of commonly used reagents for organoid culture (e.g. Matrigel, recombinant protein growth factors) 
  • Production and distribution of WRN-contitioned media (Wnt-3A, R-spondin-1, Noggin)