UCL Cancer Institute


Multidisciplinary Seminar Series

26 November 2015, 12:00 pm–1:30 pm

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UCL Cancer Institute

Professor Giuseppe Battaglia, UCL Department of Chemistry presents, Somanautics: molecular engineering solutions to target cancer. Thursday 26th November, 12pm

The ability to navigate (-nautics) the human body (Soma-) is a critical operation for delivering drugs, for detecting diseases as well as to shed light on the complexity of human biology. This task requires the holistic combination of Physics and Chemistry with Physiology, Cellular and Molecular Biology. I’ll discuss what are the most critical barriers and biological constraints and how to convert these into design principles for the engineering of functional navigators.  I will show our most recent applications how this approach can be applied to target cancer and deliver anticancer drugs enhancing their potency. 


The seminar will be followed by light lunch lunch 


UCL Cancer Institute
Courtyard Café
Paul O'Gorman Building 
72 Huntley Street
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