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ACED 2 Year Celebration

16 November 2021–18 November 2021, 5:00 pm–6:30 pm

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We’re celebrating ACED’s 2 Year Anniversary this November

This event is free.

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Dan Kelberman

Session 1 Tuesday 16th November. 17:00 – 18:00 GMT

The first session of the celebration will feature members of the Alliance Executive Board and Scientific Advisory Board reflecting on ACED's progress and successes over the last year and what's in store for ACED for the future.

  • Opening Session from Mark Emberton (UCL), current Chair of the Alliance Executive Board, on ACED’s achievements, our scientific direction and upcoming BIG initiatives!
  • Q&A with the Alliance Executive Board and our external Scientific Advisory Board
    • Executive board members Rebecca Fitzgerald (Cambridge), Sadik Esener (OHSU), Rob Bristow (Manchester), Utkan Demirci (Stanford), Mark Emberton (UCL)
    • Scientific advisory board members Shana O. Kelley (University of Toronto) and Laxmi Parida (IBM Fellow)

Topics for discussion include:

  • ACED’s direction of travel over the next 5-10 years 
  • How ACED will invest strategically 
  • The SAB’s thoughts and excitement about ACED 
  • The future of the field of early detection 
  • MCEDs vs personalised medicine 

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Session 2 Thursday 18th November. 17:00 - 18:30 GMT

Join us for a jam-packed second session, featuring talks from ACED-funded researchers, a lively debate and an opportunity for you to connect with the community in a networking session.

  • Urine biomarkers for prostate cancer screening. Sharon Pitteri (Canary Center at Stanford), James Brooks (Canary Center at Stanford), Mark Flory (Knight Cancer Institute at OHSU)
  • Exchanging knowledge: Exploring the translatability of evidence across academic disciplines with Kelly Fagan Robinson (University of Cambridge)
  • Novel tools for molecular imaging of pancreatic preneoplasia. Kevin Brindle (University of Cambridge), Tom Soh (Canary Center at Stanford), Andre Neves (University of Cambridge)


  • ACED Debate: Organ-specific cancer research investments place artificial boundaries when compared to molecular/driver-focused research across cancer types.

Chaired by Prof Sadik Esener (Knight Cancer Institute, OHSU), debating for the motion: Emma Woodward (University of Manchester), debating against the motion: Aaron Grossberg (OHSU)

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