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21 March 2018, 12:00 pm–1:00 pm

Dr Carla Martins, MRC Cancer Unit, Cambridge University, presents: Defining and targeting the phenotypic heterogeneity of mutant Kras lung tumours.

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Courtyard Cafe, Paul O'Gorman Building

Our lab aims to define the  molecular and cellular alterations that enable lung tumour progression from benign stages to high-grade adenocarcinoma. We are particularly focused on lung tumours affected by Kras and p53 mutations, two very frequent but currently untargetable mutations (present in ~30% and 50% of lung adenocarcinoma cases, respectively). By applying a multidisciplinary approach to murine lung tumour models that closely recapitulate the human disease we recently identified tumour grade-specific genetic, transcriptional and metabolic signatures in mutant Kras lung tumours. In particular, we showed that mutant Kras gene dosage and the type of p53 mutation present can have a significant impact on lung tumour metabolism, metastatic potential and therapeutic vulnerabilities. The implications of these findings for tumour progression and therapy will be discussed.

Dr Carla Martins academic profile.

Hosted by Professor Charlie Swanton.

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