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Cancer Institute Seminar Series - Erik Sahai

17 October 2018, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Professor Erik Sahai

Professor Erik Sahai, Francis Crick Institute, presents: ‘Deciphering Conversations in Tumours and their Implications for Therapy’.

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Veronica Dominguez


Courtyard Cafe
UCL Paul O'Gorman Building
72 Huntley Street

We are studying the most lethal aspects of cancer: how it spreads through the body and why it becomes resistant to cancer therapies. Most cancer deaths are caused by a combination of the disease spreading from the initial tumour to other parts of the body, known as metastasis, and it becoming resistant to treatment. Both processes can be hard to predict and are strongly influenced by the interplay of tumour cells with other non-cancerous cells in the body.

By carefully studying patient data together with experimental models we can start to uncover recurring patterns in the behaviour of cancers. In particular, we are carrying out in-depth studies of the cellular environment around a tumour, investigating the genetic and molecular changes that enable cancer cells to break away and start moving towards new sites. Tackling metastasis and treatment failure are two of the biggest challenges in cancer research. Our work is leading to new ways to predict how the disease will spread, and pointing towards potential targets for treatments that might be able to stop it in its tracks.

Hosted by Dr Chris Tape

A light lunch will be served after the seminar

About the Speaker

Erik Sahai

at The francis Crick Institute

Tumour Cell Biology Lab