UCL Cancer Institute


Partners and Collaborations

As part of the UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences – one of the greatest concentrations of biomedical science expertise and clinical capacity in Europe – and with links to many other UCL departments, the UCL Cancer Institute is uniquely positioned to exploit the interdisciplinary nature of UCL by engaging a wide range of disciplines – from engineering, to physics, to population health sciences and nanoscience – to transform cancer research.

Cancer Domain

The UCL Cancer Domain underpins UCL’s distinctive cross-disciplinary approach to cancer research, bringing researchers together to advance our understanding of cancer and develop improved diagnostics and treatments.

UCL Partners

UCL Partners – Europe’s largest Academic Health Science Network – is a partnership with more than 40 higher education and NHS organisations, bringing together more than 100,000 health professionals and academics, and more than 6 million patients.

The Francis Crick Institute

UCL is a founding partner of this entirely new, cross-disciplinary medical research Institute. The Crick's work will help to understand why disease develops and find new ways to treat, diagnose and prevent illnesses such as cancer, improving patient care and saving lives.

Cancer Research at UCL

A number of research centres, facilities and themes facilitate cancer research at UCL and foster cross-cutting collaboration:

  • Early phase trials take place in a dedicated NIHR Clinical Research Facility at UCLH and jointly with the Sarah Canon Research Institute in London. This collaboration provides patients with greater access to novel therapeutic agents and has led to joint research partnerships such as the co-funded UCL Advanced Diagnostics. With joint portfolio management the early phase unit is set to become the largest in the UK.
  • UCL Cancer Research UK (CR-UK) Centre: part of a world-class network for the translation of cancer research for patient benefit, focussing on new treatments such as gene therapy, health behaviours and drug discovery. CR-UK and UCL Trials Centre (CTC): one of the largest cancer trials centres in the UK and one of the nine accredited clinical trials units of the National Cancer Research Institute. The CTC coordinates national and international cancer trials.
  • UCLH MacMillan Cancer Centre: one of the UK’s largest and most advanced outpatient cancer care facilities, providing significant opportunities to recruit patients to clinical studies, and to recruit top clinician-scientists to UCL and University College London Hospital (UCLH).
  • Proton Beam Treatment Centre at UCLH: will provide significant opportunities for clinical research in paediatric and deep-lying tumours, as well as advancing imaging research at UCL.

Centres and networks