British Women Heart Health Study


Other Output

Other forms of research output from the BWHHS include PhD theses, invited talks at conferences, poster presentations at conferences and research tools and methods.

PhD Students and Thesis Titles

Student Completion Date
Juan Pinero
Characterising patterns of sequences of diagnoses in the BWHHS
Dr Innes Torra and Dr Elizabeth Jury
"Barcoding" Cardiovascular risk: Predicting cardiovascular disease in patients with systemic lupus erthematosus (SLE)
Anna Guyatt
Mitochondrial DNA copy number as a phenotypic trait for human diseases in genetic epidemiological studies
Rebecca Richmond
Associations between levels of smoking and serum metabolites: A Mendelian randomization study
Juan Jose Silva Torres
Advanced analytical modelling using machine-learning techniques applied to BWHHS database
David Macleod
Predicting events and studying pathways while xploiting newly available multiple biological markers: an application in coronary heart disease research

Risk Prediction Tool  for Locomotor Disability

The BWHHS developed a prediction model and a risk score that can be used in

clinical practice.

The risk of incident disability at 3 and 7 years can be predicted in elderly women.

This prediction could help to efficiently target preventative measure and effective treatments for high risk groups.

The full reference for the published paper can be found in Publications> 2015> number 5

The model is available as an online calculator that predicts risks of locomotor disability available through clicking on the button below. 

Risk Prediction Tool

Risk Model