British Women Heart Health Study


Current Research

The BWHHS allows epidemiological research into cardiovascular disease in women, with the cohort design allowing the examination of how health, behaviours and medical interventions change over time. Current research includes:

  • Life course epidemiology - The study of long term effects on later health and disease risk.
  • Genetic epidemiology - The role of genetic factors in determining health and disease in populations.
  • Molecular epidemiology - The role of emerging blood markers to help to understand the mechanisms that lead to cardiovascular events.
  • Secondary prevention in cardiovascular disease - The early detection of a disease enabling early treatment. 
  • Disability in older women - Understanding the determinants of disability and how to identify those at high risk.
  • Gender specific cardiovascular risk factors - Investigating the differences in risks according to gender.
  • Prognostic indicators for cardiovascular disease - To predict/indicate the outcome of the condition or treatment.

Findings are reported in peer reviewed scientific journals which can be found on our publications page.