British Women Heart Health Study



  • To identify determinants of established risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD).
  • To contribute to the discovery and validation of biological mechanisms that lead to CVD events, providing insight into prevention and treatment.

Current Objectives

Cause of causes:

  • To establish which attributes of neighbourhood environment affect physical activity.
  • To investigate whether social participation and networks are important  determinants of physical activity.

Biological pathways using quantitative metabolomics:

  • Identify metabolomic pathways that link diabetes with macro-vascular events.
  • Expand the knowledge of causal pathways associated with coronary heart disease, stroke, and DVT/PE.

Risk Prediction:

  • Test performance change in established predictive models for CHD/Stroke following the addition of a sub-set of biomarkers.
  • To construct risk-scores for DVT/Pulmonary Embolism in the general population.

Genetics of metabolomic traits and instrument for Mendelian Randomisation:

  • To expand and replicate the genetic determinants of the NMR-metabolomic traits necessary for future Mendelian Randomisation studies.
  • To continue our collaboration with the UCLEB Consortium to co-lead MR experiments for drug target discovery and for environmental exposures.