UCL and Brexit


Policy engagement and partnerships

UCL seeks to inform policy and communicate its core priorities to policymakers through a range of official bodies and forums – at local, national and European levels.

Since the June 2016 referendum, UCL has redoubled its efforts to highlight the needs and asks of UK universities in the context of Brexit, through its research and strategic activity.

Our overriding priority is to advocate for a deal that protects the status of EU nationals studying and working at UCL. We also actively advocate for a deal that will protect and promote transnational collaboration in research, science and innovation, as well as staff and student mobility.


UCL statements and strategic activity

Since the referendum, Professor Michael Arthur, UCL President & Provost,  has been a leading presence in policy stakeholder groups, media and public debate.

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UCL research informs policy

UCL academics regularly inform and advise policymakers on EU-related policy issues, including Brexit. 

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Partnerships with Europe

UCL has longstanding partnerships with many leading European institutes and organisations.

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Cities partnerships Programme

The Cities partnerships Programme is designed to invest in, and extend UCL's research and teaching collaborations, not just with a single partner, but in multiple locations across the continent.

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