Bloomsbury Theatre and Studio


UCOpera: The Crucible by Robert Ward

22 March 2024–23 March 2024, 7:30 pm–7:30 pm

Watercolour style illustration of group of women holding hands in a circle

The story follows a small community in Salem, exploring accusations of witchcraft, betrayal and the frenzy and terror that can be whipped up by small communities.

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Bloomsbury Theatre

This year UCOpera are proud to present Robert Ward’s ‘The Crucible’, an operatic adaptation of the play by Athur Miller.

Set in the deeply religious town of Salem, a small group of girls stand against others in their community by accusing them of witchcraft, in an attempt to cover up their own explorations of the occult. Led by Abigail Williams, the girls' accusations cause a court to be formed to investigate the alleged crimes. In this strict theocracy, mania and paranoia set in, as pride and piety stand in the way of a peaceful resolution.

University College Opera is the student opera company of UCL, founded in 1951 and currently under UCL’s Music society. Our annual operas are almost completely staged and designed by the student body, alongside a few professional singers to support the students and orchestra. We are known for our production of rarely performed and little well-known operas. For more information on UCOpera, please visit our website, here