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Measure for Measure

15 February 2024–17 February 2024, 7:30 pm–7:30 pm

Collage of paintings by artists Sir John Everett Millais, Frederick William Davis and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, inspired by Shakespeare's Measure for Measure

UCL Shakespeare Company and UCL Stage Crew present the playwright's tale of moral versus civil justice.

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London, 1815: the population is at its peak, and decadence and destitution live side by side. Measure for Measure is a vibrant dark comedy about a city suspended; the fickle Duke has ceded her position to a new deputy - “this well-seeming Angelo” - and disguised herself in order to watch the goings-on of her citizens. What she sees is a fascinating exploration of corruption, power, solidarity and sexuality in an urban world; nobody is what they seem, or even what they want to be. In this new, explosively queer interpretation of Shakespeare’s 1604 “problem play”, early modern brothels become 19th century molly houses, where queer people were able to gather and socialise, and laws against premarital sex in Vienna become Britain’s real-life laws against “sodomy”. There will be musical numbers, there will be class politics, and there will be creatively intentional anachronism, so come for the novelty and stay for the very, very talented cast.