Bloomsbury Environmental Isotope Facility


Organic Material (CNS, OH)

δ13C, δ15N & δ34S

(soils, sediments, collagen, insects, fish muscles, hair...)  

δ18O & δD

(Chitin, Silver phosphate...)  


- Thermo EA Isolink & Delta V (Cont. Flow) -

The  EA Isolink enables analyses of Nitrogen, Carbon, Sulfur as well as Oxyen and Hydrogen isotopes in geological and agriculture materials such as soils and sediments and in 'biological' materials such as fish muscles, algae, insects, hair, chitine or even bone collagen. It will also provide C/N ratios, %C and %N. 

The system allows the high precision on-line simultaneous stable isotope determinations of δ13C, δ15N and δ34S  in the organic compounds, using a copper-filled reaction column held in a furnace at 1020°C (combustion under oxygen conditions),  and ramped GC, then linked via a CONFLO IV interface to our Delta V continuous flow Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer ("Stuart").

The EA Isolink also allows on-line isotope ratio analysis of organic bulk samples for δ18O and δD. Solids are packed into silver capsules and dropped into another reaction column made of glassy carbon held at very high temperature (>1400°C) to breakdown of compounds (pyrolysis) under reducing conditions, releasing hydrogen as H2 and oxygen as CO. 

EA Isolink


Fish Samples

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