Bloomsbury Environmental Isotope Facility


Bloomsbury Environmental Isotope Facility

BEIF Panorama

The Bloomsbury Environmental Isotope Facility (BEIF) houses 1 dual-inlet (ThermoFisher MAT253) and 2 continuous-flow (ThermoFisher Delta V & Delta Plus XP) mass spectrometers with a variety of peripheral systems capable of measuring stable isotopes (δ18O, δ15N, δ13C  and δ2H) generated from a variety of materials.

Our expertise

UCL's BEIF laboratory has substantial expertise analyzing stable isotope (inorganic and organic) of Carbon, Oxygen and Nitrogen. All BEIF detailed equipment can be found by selecting navigational tabs in the left panel of this site.

What we do

We analyze materials for research projects (including Masters and Ph.D. Student projects) as well as materials received from colleagues external to UCL. The variety of peripherals in the BEIF laboratory allows us to analyze carbonates (foraminifera, coral & fish otoliths), bulk organic matter as well as samples from cave deposits, archaeological materials (bone, teeth & plants), rocks and water.