UCL Division of Biosciences


Biological Sciences - Year 2 and 3 Modules

Modules - Year 2
CompulsoryBIOL0030Energy and Evolution15
CompulsoryBIOL0008Fundamentals of Molecular Biology15
CompulsoryBIOL0012Animal Biodiversity15
CompulsoryBIOL0013The Biology of Development15
CompulsoryCELL0009Integrative Cell Biology (Cell Structure and Function)15
CompulsoryBIOL0015Second Year Core Skills0
Students will need to choose minimum of 30 and maximum of 45 credits
BIOL0029Computational Biology15
 ANTH0044Human Behavioural Ecology15
 BIOL0009Experimental Genetics and Model Systems15
 BIOL0011Evolutionary Genetics15
 BIOL0014Fundamentals of Ecology15
 CELL0010Integrative Cell Biology (Cell Signalling and Regulation)15
 GEOG0020Ecological Patterns and Processes15
 GEOL0009Vertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution15
 HPSC0013Science in Popular Culture15
 HPSC0017Science and Ethics15
 PHAR0003Drugs and the Mind15
Students will need to choose minimum of 0 and maximum of 15 credits
ANAT0002Developmental Neurobiology15
 ANAT0003Human Neuroanatomy15
 ANAT0005Human Anatomy and Embryology (Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis)15
 ANAT0006Human Anatomy and Embryology (Head and Limbs)15
 BIOC0006Essential Protein Structure and Function15
 BIOC0011General Biochemistry of Health15
 BIOL0010Introduction to Human Genetics15
 BIOL0014Fundamentals of Ecology15
 BIOL0028Field module in Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics15
 CELL0011Integrative Cell Biology30
 CHEM0020Physical Chemistry for Medicinal Chemistry and Life Sciences15
 GEOG0022Environment and Society15
 PHOL0003Animal and Human Physiology: Integrative Physiology15
 PHOL0004Systems Neuroscience15
Modules - Year 3
Students will need to choose minimum of 30 and maximum of 45 credits
BIOL0018Advanced Investigative Project in Biological Sciences30  
 BIOL0019Advanced Research Project in Biological Sciences45  
Students will need to choose minimum of 60 and maximum of 90 credits
CELL0003Cellular and Developmental Neurobiology15  
 BIOC0015Cellular Regulation in Biotechnology, Health and Disease15  
 BIOC0030Advanced Molecular Biology of Protein Regulatory Networks15  
 BIOC0016Computational and Systems Biology15  
 BIOL0032Species Conservation and Biodiversity15  
 BIOL0020Sex, Genes and Evolution15  
 BIOL0022Biology of Ageing15  
 BIOL0035Vertebrate Life and Evolution15  
 BIOC0025MSci Extended Research Project in Molecular Biosciences90  
 BIOL0048Behavioural Ecology for the Anthropocene15  
 BIOS0001Genes and Neurodegenerative Disease15  
 CELL0012Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine15  
 CELL0016Advanced Molecular Cell Biology15  
 CELL0004Clocks, Sleep and Biological Time15  
 CELL0017Interdisciplinary Cell Biology15  
 CELL0002Mechanisms of Development (Extended)30  
 GEOL0021Biodiversity and Macroevolutionary Patterns A15  
 HPSC0107Science Journalism15  
 INIM0009Infectious Agents15  
 INIM0010Cellular Pathology15  
 INIM0011Autoimmunity and Transplantation15  
 INIM0015Evolution and Infectious Diseases15  
 PSYC0036Genes and Behaviour15  
 INIM0034Molecular Virology15  
ElectiveMSIN0044Business for Bioscience15015