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Structural Biology stream

Please Note: There may be access to modules other than those provided in the following list. However, all optional modules must have the approval of the subject stream tutor. Some modules may be appropriate for more than one subject stream. You can view further information about the modules in the Module Catalogue.

Subject stream tutor

Dr Graeme King
Email: g.king@ucl.ac.uk

Structural Biology taught module

BIOC0014: Mechanisms of Molecular Machines

Example project titles

Structural studies of TIP49 and its role in G-quadruplex binding and manipulation

Recognition of mRNA structures by the double-stranded RNA binding protein TARBP2

Using yeast to investigate how supernumerary subunits and allosteric factors influence catalysis in mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase

Structural determination of the TIP49 protein with G-quadruplexes

Crystallisation and structural determination of viral UDG proteins

Crystal structures of a Shutoff and Exonuclease in complex with DNA and RNA provide insights into the processes of host mRNA degradation and viral maturation by Kaposi’s sarcoma associated herpesvirus