UCL Division of Biosciences


Microscopes and Scanners

  • The Imaging Facility currently houses twelve confocal microscopes based across three sites.
  • Seven of them are located in the Rockefeller Building. These are six Leica microscopes and an Olympus TIRF.
  • Two Zeiss microscopes, one confocal and one Lightsheet, are in the basement of the Anatomy Building.
  • There are also four Zeiss microscopes in the Medical Sciences Building.
  • In addition we have two ImageXpress high content screening systems, an Olympus Widefield microscope and a Zeiss AxioScan slide scanner.
  • Further details about the microscopes and scanners, including laser and stage configurations, can be found by clicking the links below.

SPE1 Microscope

MP_opo Multi-photon SP8 Microscope
Leica SPE1 confocal microscopeLeica SP8 MP_opo Multi-photon confocal microscope