UCL Division of Biosciences


Promoting racial equity in the Division of Biosciences

Promoting racial equity in the Division of Biosciences

Task forces for Divisional Working Group on Racial Equity

Staff Matters Taskforce - We will examine the culture experienced by BAME staff in the division and implement strategies that address racism to improve racial equity and awareness needed to retain diverse talent.
Lead contact: Vil Fernandes, Deputies: Charlette Bent-Gayle, Nazif Alic

Student Matters Taskforce - We will examine how the educational experience within the division leads to racialized outcomes, and implement strategies that remove racial disparities in student satisfaction, student retention and student attainment.
Lead contact: Charmian Dawson, Deputy: Tara Keck

Recruitment and Outreach Taskforce - We will review and revise our policies for staff recruitment and student application/acceptance in order to increase the proportion of Black and minority ethnic students, staff, and researchers. We will also coordinate science outreach efforts with schools and the public.
Lead contact: Ryan Felice, Deputy: Charmian Dawson

Rapid Action Taskforce – We will facilitate rapid implementation. We will start immediately to support staff in making adjustments to teaching to support disadvantaged students for the fall term and create a programme to help disadvantaged students transition to university life.
Lead contacts: Charmian Dawson and Tara Keck

Continued Action Taskforce - We appreciate that a long-term investment will be required for a substantial positive change. This taskforce will facilitate long-term planning, implementation of actions and outcomes monitoring, with focus on staff.
Lead contact: Nazif Alic, Deputy: Ryan Felice

Strategy Review Taskforce - We will examine and evaluate programmes from other institutions, as well as the research literature, and use these findings to inform collaboration with the other taskforces in developing their initiatives.
Lead contact: Tara Keck, Deputy: Vil Fernandes