UCL Division of Biosciences


Nonthiwat Taesuk

PhD title:

The impact of environmental changes on species distribution of large mammals in Thailand


Species distribution modelling is an increasingly common technique, which has been used to investigate spatial and temporal distribution patterns of fauna in many research studies. It enables the analysis of changes in species distribution over time and space in response to environmental conditions. Also, this approach can be used to predict a species’ potential distribution in the future and provide useful information for conservation planning. 

Nonthiwat Taesuk

The aim of this project is to use this technique to investigate the impact of environmental changes and human activity on range shifts of the distribution of large mammals in Thailand and surrounding areas and evaluate the vulnerability of these species. 

A key outcome of this project will be the ability to better understand the response of these species in order to develop more appropriate and effective conservation plans and strategies to protect them.


Prof Helen Chatterjee (UCL)

Dr Sam Turvey (IoZ)

Funding bodies: 

The Royal Thai Government

My PhD is funded by the Royal Thai Government whose aim is to nurture next generation of scientists for a country.