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The Duchen lab round-up of recent successes

17 September 2018

Cell and Developmental Biology

Congratulations to Professor Michael Duchen and his team of researchers for a recent award from the Michael J Fox Foundation. The award of $249,000 over 2 years will support a project which will look into the roles of mitochondrial autophagy in models of Parkinson's Disease.
In addition, the lab has recently been awarded £197,050 by the capital equipment fund to buy new equipment for the Laboratory for Mitochondrial and Metabolic Research. Funds will be used to purchase a 96 well Seahorse respirometry system, a Clariostar fluorescence/luminescence/absorbance plate reader and the CubiAn metabolic analyser. Once these are installed they will be accessible and managed as a core facility. The Laboratory for Mitochondrial and Metabolic Research is a facility supporting the UCL Consortium for Mitochondrial Research.