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UGI welcomes Dr Aida Andres

2 October 2017

UCL Genetics Institute is pleased to welcome Dr Aida Andres, the new Senior Lecturer in Evolutionary Genetics.

Dr Aida Andres

Aida is fundamentally interested in how organisms adapt to their ecological niches. In her work, this means analysing genomes, both modern and ancient, to infer how natural selection mediates adaptation to the environment. Her main goal is to understand how genetic diversity is maintained within populations (for example by balancing selection) and within species (for example through differential local adaptations), and how selected alleles shape the phenotypes of living organisms. So far, she has worked mostly on humans and endangered primates, but she hopes to explore genetic adaptations in other organisms soon.

Aida moved to the UGI from Leipzig (Germany), where she spent seven years as a Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.