Biosafety Design Initiative


Biosafety Design Initiative

The Biosafety Design Initiative brings together experts at University College London from the UCL Centre for Clinical Microbiology for biomedical research and UCL Faculty of the Built Environment for architecture, construction and project management.

With our partners in microbial engineering and infection control we work together in designing the most successful interventions and supporting systems for the control and reduction in transmission of infectious diseases - wherever they occur in the world. 

The aim is to support an interdisciplinary community of practice from the fields of clinical microbiology, design, engineering and project management. We provide online and interactive series of short courses that cover principles of biosafety design, measurement of infectious diseases, evaluation of clean and controlled environments and the design of transformative diagnostics processes, space and infrastructure. 

The purpose is to ensure project requirements are set out and understood at the beginning of a programme using the latest evidence from research and the most useful tools and techniques. We are experienced practitioners in industry and work with clients to develop work-based standards and requirements.

The opportunity is to support a cohort of professionals to achieve clarity of the microbial processes, technological systems, equipment, environmental infrastructure and spatial design - for the benefit of the patient and the clinical team.