Biological Physics


Work Experience and Summer Research Projects

BioP Undergraduate Summer Research Studentships

Every year BioP creates opportunities for undergraduate students to get hands-on experience of experimental and theoretical research. These projects cover experimental (in-house/facilities), theoretical (pen-and-paper/method development), and computational (software development/computing) activities. Able students interested in the field of biological physics and biologically relevant soft-matter physics are invited to apply.

The key aims of the studentships are to give motivated undergraduates the opportunity to work on a collaborative research project, gain experience developing and writing a research proposal and presenting their research to their peers.
Please note that projects may be restricted in the summer depending on governmental guidelines in response to the pandemic. 

Student application deadline: 14th March 2022, 9am
Student interviews with supervisors: 21st March - 1st April 2022
Successful students submit research proposal with supervisor by 25th April 2022, 9am
Successful students and supervisors notified: May 2022
Research projects commence: Summer 2022

General enquiries should be directed to Dr. Jas Gill-Thind (j.gill-thind@ucl.ac.uk).

  • Applicants should be undergraduates in the second or third year of their first degree and registered for a basic science degree including but not limited to biology, physics, chemistry, engineering and computer science.
  • Studentships are available to any UK/EU or international student studying at a UK university.
  • We have separate funding from the Duff family for Yr 2 (BSc or MSci) and Yr 3 (MSci registered) undergraduates in the department of Physics and Astronomy or UCL Natural Sciences undergraduates with Physics as mainstream for projects with a supervisor in the department of Physics and Astronomy. Please apply using the same form and mark that you are eligible for this in the relevant section and select at least one eligible project among your preferences.

Students will be provided a bursary of £2000 for on-campus projects and £500 for online projects. If a student is selected for the Brian Duff studentship they will be provided a bursary of £2000.

Application Instructions
  • The student should complete the online application form by 9am 14th March 2022. Students should state which 3 projects they are most interested in from the available projects list. If you are external to UCL, please contact Dr. Jas Gill-Thind (j.gill-thind@ucl.ac.uk) for details of how to apply.
  • Supervisors will contact shortlisted students and conduct an interview.
  • Successful students will be invited to submit a research proposal with their supervisor. The student and supervisor should develop the research proposal together. Proposals should be in the form of a one-page A4 case for support describing the proposed project and the proposed duration. The research proposal should be emailed as a PDF document to Dr. Jas Gill-Thind (j.gill-thind@ucl.ac.uk) by 25th April 2022, 9am.
  • Successful students and supervisors will be notified in May 2022.
Review Criteria

The review committee will be composed of academics from both Faculty of Life Sciences and Faculty of Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

Proposals will be assessed based on their:

  • Quality
  • Planning and project management, specific outcomes should be achievable within the time limit of the project.
  • Benefit to the student in terms of training (including supervision arrangements).
  • Track record and academic potential of the student.

Research projects available for 2022

Examples of previous research projects