Biological Physics


Zena Hadjivasiliou appointed as UCL/Crick Physical Sciences Group Leader

1 September 2021

Welcome to Zena Hadjivasiliou, who has joined London Centre of Nanotechnology and Department of Physics at Astronomy at UCL in September 2021.

Zena Hadjivasiliou

For the first 6 years of her appointment, she will lead a lab on mathematical and physical biology at the Francis Crick Institute (https://www.crick.ac.uk/research/labs/zena-hadjivasiliou). Zena was initially trained in Cambridge and Stanford, did her PhD at UCL, and next worked at the University of Geneva and at the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems. Her research focusses on the physics and mathematics of biological self-organisation, with a particular interest in growth, patterning and development.