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Vax-Hub Sustainable

This page serves as a temporary placeholder during the development of the upcoming Vax-Hub Sustainable website.

The Manufacturing Research Hub for a Sustainable Future (Vax-Hub Sustainable) received funding for seven years with a £12 million grant from the EPSRC. Launched in September 2023 and co-directed by Prof Martina Micheletti (UCL) and Prof Dame Sarah Gilbert (Oxford University), Vax-Hub Sustainable is driving cutting-edge vaccine research whilst exploring more sustainable manufacturing options, focussing on:

  • Solutions to improve product immunogenicity
  • Streamlined manufacture with novel responsive solutions & digitalisation strategies
  • Vaccine stability & needle-free administration​

Vax-Hub Sustainable Launch Event Delegate Pack

8 December 2023- for event attendees only, please access the delegate list and slide set using the password you will have been provided. The document is in two parts.

If you would like to get involved, please contact vaxhub@ucl.ac.uk