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Vax Hub Platform Funding

Second call for Interaction Vouchers now open. Application deadline: 14 February 2020

Members of the Vax-Hub Users Group are invited to submit proposals for Interaction Vouchers for our second call* for projects of up to six months' duration with a value of up to £10,000. Vouchers are designed to encourage and support collaboration between academic and industrial partners within the Hub and help to resource small interaction projects between the partners that are likely to lead to outcomes such as a longer-term relationship, a new or improved interaction or new research data. 

Projects might include (but are not limited to):

  1. Generating new experimental data to validate new tools and methods developed via the Hub research
  2. Facilitating technology transfer of relevant Hub research
  3. Solving a technological problem
  4. Adapting an existing technology for a new application
  5. Consulting with a partner organization
  6. Funding staff time, travel, accommodation for a visit to a partner organization

Successful projects are expected to generate tangible outputs which could include one or more of the following:

  1. Preliminary data that is then used to apply for further funding to accelerate the route to adoption or application.
  2. A publication that demonstrates Hub results in a User context
  3. A new partnership between a manufacturer and an academic group 

Up to £10,000 will be awarded for projects with a maximum duration of six months. Projects must involve two partners (including academia-company interaction). Users are expected to provide industry supervision to the project and provide access to the necessary materials, equipment or data.

Application Process

Interaction Vouchers are awarded competitively. Applications will be via a one-stage process to facilitate a fast turnaround with the submission of a detailed work plan for the study with milestones, costings and deliverables. Applications should be developed by the user organisation(s) in collaboration with the Hub Researcher(s) if they are involved in the project. 

To apply, please see further details in this document

and complete the following

with costings.

Please note the “key dates” in the invitation for proposals including the submission deadline for proposals of Friday 14 February 2020.

Vax-Hub membership

Interaction Vouchers will be awarded to members of the Vax-Hub Users Group only, if you are not currently a member of the Hub but would be interested in joining to access this and other Hub benefits, please contact Dr Naveraj Gill, UCL Strategic Alliance Director (naveraj.gill@ucl.ac.uk or 0203 549 5619).

*The first call for Interaction Vouchers closed on 9 December 2019.