UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering



The Modular Training for the Bioprocess Industries Programme (MBI®) is run by the Department of Biochemical Engineering at UCL. It comprises a series of UCL-accredited short courses in bioprocessing, designed specifically for industrialists, that can be taken as stand-alone modules or can be combined for Certificate, Diploma or Masters qualifications.

MBI® Training programme features

  • A comprehensive programme of accredited bioprocess engineering courses of 3-4 days duration.
  • Courses aim to bridge the gap between bioscience and engineering and can lead to UCL qualifications at masters level.
  • Emphasis on teaching through interactive problem solving case studies in small classes for effective learning.
  • Expert teaching input from industrialists and regulators - over 70 experts from 50 companies helped UCL staff to deliver the courses.
  • Strong input from industry into the development of the programme and new modules via a team of industrialists who meet every 6 months.
  • Application of new skills to practical situations through activities based within the Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering pilot scale process facility.