UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Our management team

IDTC Director, Deputy Head of Department

Gary’s current teaching activities span all years of the various undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes operated by the Department. These include Introduction to Biochemical Engineering, Integrated Downstream Processing, and Design and Control of Biochemical Reactors. He also co-ordinates and teaches on a number of the department's post-experience MBI® training modules covering aspects of fermentation, downstream processing and biocatalysis and industrial biotechnology. Gary is also coordinator of the MSc Biochemical Engineering programme, as well as being tutor to final-year MEng students

Professor Lye leads the UCL Bioconversion-Chemistry-Engineering Interface (BiCE) Programme. This involves a multidisciplinary group of researchers interested in novel approaches to speed the development of the next generation of complex pharmaceuticals and methods to aid the uptake and integration of biocatalysis in pharmaceutical syntheses.

A major focus of Gary’s work is the creation of novel automated micro biochemical approaches to speed bioprocess design and optimisation. The research focuses on the detailed engineering characterisation of automated microwell systems in order to enable accurate predictions of large scale process performance. In collaboration with BiCEcolleagues these micro biochemical engineering approaches are being applied to the evaluation of both evolved and metabolically engineered biocatalysts and integrated chemo-enzymatic syntheses.

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IDTC Manager

Nicholas Cameron is the Centre Administrator and can be contacted for all general enquiries involving the centre and its activities.

Nicholas joined the centre for Bioprocessing Leadership in September 2009, having previously worked in the UCL department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering since 2006.


IDTC Training & Quality Assurance, Senior Lecturer, Graduate Tutor

Dr. Nicolas Szita is the IDTC Training & Quality Assurance Manager and is also the Postgraduate Tutor for UCL Biochemical Engineering.

Dr. Szita teaches Biochemical Reaction Engineering and lectures on Microfluidics. His research interest focus on the translation of bioprocessing concepts into microfluidic systems (or Lab-on-a-chip systems) and he has particular expertise in the use of advanced microfabrication techniques.

Nicolas currently participates in multiple research projects, including PhD projects on the use of microfluidic systems, the characterisation of mass transfer in microfluidic devices for mammalian cell culturing and enzymatic bioconversion in microfluidic reactors.


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Director of External Relations

Dr Smith is a member of the Department’s Senior Management Team and her appointment is commercially oriented. Her role is to enhance bioprocess leadership and knowledge transfer activities and expand sponsor relationships through the Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (IMRC) in Bioprocessing, the Bioconversion-Chemistry-Engineering Interface (BiCE) Programme and the Regenerative Medicine Bioprocessing (RegenMed) Initiative.

She is Chair of the Industrial Training Advisory Board and a Member of the Departmental Research and Recruitment Committees, Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering (ACBE) Advisory Board, and EPSRC Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (IMRC) in Bioprocessing Steering Group.

She oversees the post-experience MBI® Training Programme and Vision, a programme for Senior Executives in the bio-industries and co-ordinates the Department’s Marcoms.


IDTC Recruitment, Graduate Admissions Tutor

Dr. Paul Dalby is the centre’s Recruitment Manager and can be contacted by industrial collaborators regarding new projects and potential students wishing to make an application. He is also the Postgraduate Research Admissions Tutor for UCL Biochemical Engineering.

Paul teaches aspects of biochemistry, enzyme kinetics, biocatalysis and protein engineering, particularly at the interface between life sciences and bioprocessing.

A major focus of Paul’s work is the use of protein engineering and biophysics to better understand and enhance the manufacturability and formulation of therapeutic proteins, and also to create novel and robust biocatalytic enzymes.


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IDTC Public Engagement, Lecturer

Dr. Ivan Wall is the Public Engagement Manager for the centre and can be contacted regarding any of the centre’s public activities.

Ivan has been a lecturer at UCL Biochemical Engineering since April 2009 and his research interests focus on the regenerative potential of stem cells for treating a range of diseases.

In addition, Ivan also co-ordinates the research activity for a cohort of students for the London Regenerative Medicine Initiative, funded by the UK Stem Cell Foundation and EPSRC. Ivan is also a visiting professor at Dankook University, Korea.


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