UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Yuki Abe

  • Job title: Senior Consultant Engineer/Sales & Marketing Director
  • Company: Biopharm Services
  • Country: UK
  • A-levels: Chemistry, Maths, Biology

An inspiration to transform lives

I’ve known a few people who’ve lost the fight against cancer, including a boy I met when I was hospitalised at age 15. Since then I’ve wanted to help develop and deliver new treatments to patients that can’t be cured, or for those who wouldn’t usually have access to such treatments. When I started to look at course options, one of my teachers told me about the Biochemical Engineering Department at University College London. When I attended an open day, I was impressed with what the course offered.

Solving problems on the go

I travel frequently as part of my role at Biopharm Services to meet with clients, discuss their challenges and come up with ways to solve problems. When I listen to what they want, my mind is filled with ideas on how to create potential solutions. That constant brainstorming is what I love most about my job and never gets boring.

On a day-to-day basis, most my work involves liaising with our product managers to ensure sure that our solutions create the most value for our clients. This involves constant engagement, listening and problem-solving.

Learning never stops

Realising that you have to keep learning, no matter what you do and what career stage you are at is important. I made it a point to observe others and tried to learn as much as possible when I was at university, and took a similar approach when I started work. Sometimes, people think that because they’ve finished their degree they’ve learnt everything they need to know to start their career. But I always think that those who are prepared for constant learning are able to absorb the work faster than those who are not.

Get some experience – any experience

Relevant work experience is always useful – both when applying to university, or during summer breaks. Don’t worry if you work at a company not directly linked to the job you want to do, any work can help with your personal development – whether it be technical, social or communication skills.