UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Research and facilities

Professional services research and facilities team (RAFT)

The Research & Facilities Team fulfil 6 major functions:

Research Facilitation

RAFT has a wealth of research experience, with expertise in fermentation, downstream processing, stem cell culture, chemistry and microfluidics. RAFT advise on research & provide supervision for projects. Members of RAFT publish papers in academic journals & one of the team has written a book.


RAFT design, manage and run a variety of courses covering research areas as diverse as fermentation, downstream processing, stem cell culture and microfluidics within the department and externally e.g. international courses and technical forums. RAFT also provide support for teaching activities such as practicals, design projects, MBI courses, and outreach events.


RAFT facilitate safe working in the department by providing safety training and inductions, organising regular lab inspections, administering Safety Committee meetings, managing risk assessments, updating safety policy, and ensuring the department is compliant with legal requirements and UCL safety regulations.

Facilities management

Management of the facilities & laboratories of BK building (including the ACBE) to ensure continuing functionality in the short term & implementing strategies to ensure the facilities remain relevant & functional in the future.

Equipment Management

Management of the department’s vast array of research equipment: Managing & performing maintenance to ensure equipment is kept in working order, providing training on equipment. Providing technical support to facilitate equipment usage for research & teaching.


Providing training and support for MyFinance. Management of Stores:  Provision of consumables & PPE for experimental work, management of deliveries and liaising with sales representatives and couriers.


Elaine Briggs

Laboratory Supply Manager

+44 (0)20 7679 9603

  • Procurement
  • Supplies management

Joanne Brotherton

Laboratory Assistant


  • Technical 
  • Supervision

Gareth Mannall

Technical Manager


  • Manages facilities of the ACBE (Levels  1-3 Bernard Katz Building).
  • Manages estates projects to develop & maintain ACBE facilities.
  • Facilitates pilot plant research.
  • Coordinates teaching activities in the Pilot Plant facilities (including role as course coordinator for modules BENG0056 & BENG0057.)

Brian O’Sullivan

Microscale Bioprocessing Manager


  • Technical support for all microfluidics researchers
  • Manages the Department’s automation facilities including six TECAN liquid-handling platforms
  • Departmental safety officer
  • Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering building projects manager

Ludmila Ruban

Cell Therapy Research Facilitator and Training Co-ordinator

Ext: 09571

  • Cell therapy research facilitiation
  • Training co-ordination

Dhushy Stanislaus

Centre for Micro Biochemical Engineering Building Manager

Ext: 09570

  • Manages the Bernard Katz Building (Level 4-7)
  • Manages the Centre for Micro Biochemical Engineering including the Automation, Synthetic Biology and Chromatography facilities

Michael Sulu

Fermentation and Cell Culture Manager

+44 (0) 7679 0366


Lourdes Velez

Research Facility Contracts Manager


  • Facilitates the use of Advanced Centre for Biochemical Engineering facilities for external/contract work


The workshop provides an in-house design and fabrication service for the Department of Biochemical Engineering and the Department of Chemical Engineering. Research projects will often require bespoke devices to be built. The workshop technicians work with staff and students to create 3D design drawings for approval and then to use a wide range of CNC machine tools to turn their abstract ideas into fully functioning prototypes.


Martin Blackman

Workshop Technician

+44 (0) 7679 3791 (internal 33791)

Simon Dawes

Workshop Technician

+44 (0) 7679 3791 (internal 33791)

Erich Herrmann

Mechanical Workshop Manager

+44 (0) 20 7679 3791 (internal 33288)

Adam Maney

Workshop Technician

+44 (0) 20 7679 3790 (internal 33791)

Alaric Taylor

Member of the Rapid Prototyping & Fabrication Facility

+44 (0) 20 7679 3790 (internal 33791)