UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Welcome the New Beakers Society for 2023

2 June 2023

We're very pleased to announce the new members of the Beaker Society: left-right: Eva - Events Executive, Sandeep – Treasurer, Jay – Social Secretary, Adele – Vice President, Danielle - President, Ola – Secretary, Marta – Social Media Officer, and Daria - Communications Officer

2023 Beaker Society

Eva Price, Events Executive

I completed a BSc. in Genetics and Cellular Biology from Dublin City University and MSc. in Data Analytics for Precision Medicine University College Dublin. Currently, I’m undertaking a PhD as part of the CTP in Advanced Bioscience of Viral Products (ABViP) in collaboration with Oxford Biomedica.
My project involves the utilisation of integrative bioinformatic approaches combined with machine learning to inform and advance the field of cell line engineering.    I'm delighted to be a committee member, actively contributing to the organisation of the annual Beaker events. Additionally, my goal is to promote inclusivity by leading the way in organizing unique and diverse events, while also increasing engagement within the department's community.

Sandeep Mangrati, Treasurer

I did my BSc in Biomedical Science at the University of Essex and MRes in Translational Cancer Medicine at King's College London focusing on CAR T cell therapy. I then worked as a Research Technician in an AAV gene therapy lab (Prof Amit Nathwani) for two years.
I am now on the EngD Biochemical Engineering and Bioprocess Leadership programme focussed on AAV gene therapy.
I am looking forward to working with the rest of the committee and organise fun events for the department.

Jay Stonehouse, Social Secretary

Before joining the department, I studied BSc Biochemistry at Lancaster University. Following this I studied MSc Biopharmaceutical development at the University of Leeds, during this I spent 12 months in industry with Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies in downstream process development of biologics. I then joined Fujifilm as a research scientist for 6 months prior to coming to UCL.
I am now studying towards an EngD in Biochemical Engineering and Bioprocess Leadership. My research is in the area of primary recovery of high quality plasmid DNA for cell and gene therapy applications.
I'm looking forward to planning some great social events for everyone to get involved in over the coming year.

Adele Barbut, Vice-President

Before coming to UCL, I did a scientific Baccalaureate in France. I then did an MEng in the Biochemical Engineering Department at UCL, with a Year In Industry that I spent at Roche Diagnostics in the South of Germany.    I am currently in the ABViP programme in collaboration with Oxford University and Oxford BioMedica for my PhD. 
I am especially interested in Cell and Gene Therapy and the potential of viral vectors in the field. I am also interested in innovative analytical techniques developed to be used in their manufacturing process. 
I am looking forward to take an active role in the department, by helping to organise social event, and strengthening the relationship between industry and the researchers at UCL.

Danielle Deuker, President

Before UCL I had completed an BSc in Biomedical Sciences at Oxford Brookes and a MSc in Molecular Microbiology at the University of Bath. After my master's degree I worked as a research assistant looking at pre-clinical malaria vaccines at the University of Oxford. I’m now taking an EngD in cell-free production of AAVs. I am interested in vaccine and gene therapy science. I found the Beakers society events both fun and inclusive when I started at UCL and hope that I can bring the same energy going forward in the new academic year!

Aleksandra “Ola” Nikoniuk, Secretary

I completed my BSc in Biochemistry and Genetics at the University of Sheffield and MSc in Biochemical Engineering at UCL. Afterwards I worked in the cell and gene therapy industry.
I am currently completing a PhD in Biochemical Engineering at UCL looking at the development of microfluidic process analytical technology for CAR T cell manufacturing.
I'm interested in developing novel technologies that will make cell therapies more accessible. 
I'm looking forward to organising fun events for all postgraduates in the department!

Marta Arrizabalaga Cascallana, Social Media Officer

I first completed a BSc in Biotechnology and then a MSc in Biochemical Engineering, both at UCL
I'm now on the EngD Biochemical Engineering and Bioprocess Leadership programme working on developing a perfusion process for lentiviral vectors. I am passionate about helping new biotherapies enter the market with my work. I am looking forward to advertising the Beakers' events and showcasing the department and its amazing people

Daria Farcas, Communications Officer

Prior to starting my PhD I completed a BSc Biochemistry degree at Imperial College London. I am currently doing a PhD in Advanced Bioscience of Viral Products within the Biochemical Engineering Department. My research focuses on analytical development for viral vectors using microfluidic devices. I'm excited to help organize social events for our department!