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Prof Paul Dalby represents FTMH at Health and Social Care Committee

4 December 2023

The UK Parliamentary Health and Social Care Committee asked The UCL Future Targeted Healthcare Manufacture (FTHM) Hub to attend Parliament. UCL Biochemical Engineering Prof. Paul Dalby represented the FTHM Hub to discuss medicines manufacturing.

Paul Dalby

A parliamentary select committee comprises representatives from across UK political parties who will consider an issue and take written evidence before asking experts to attend a committee session to answer questions in person. The FTHM has been submitting written evidence to the Health and Social Care Committee on manufacturing cancer therapies to inform the debate. The select committee asked the FHTM to send a representative to answer MPs' questions about novel therapies and the medicines manufacturing industry. Professor Paul Dalby attended on Tuesday, 28 November, to address the committee.

Targeted biological medicines will transform the precision of healthcare prescriptions and improve patient care and quality of life. The FTHM Hub is addressing the manufacturing, business and regulatory challenges to ensure that new targeted biological medicines can be developed quickly and manufactured at a cost affordable to society. The FTHM has worked with The UCL Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP) to provide written evidence to the UK government.

On 28 November, The UK Parliamentary Health and Social Care Committee convened to discuss the current status of cancer therapies, aiming to develop an understanding of the current environment and looking to develop a plan for the next decade for the UK to become a global leader in cancer treatment. The committee heard from various stakeholders, such as Cancer Research UK, McMillan Cancer, UK NHS and the UCL FTHM.

Prof. Paul Dalby said: "It was important to represent the challenges and opportunities that the FTHM has identified and help shape policy for the next decade."


Watch the full Select Committee session here

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