UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


‘Imagine a coffee pod machine that produces DNA’ – causing a stir in healthcare research

22 August 2023

UCL Biochemical Engineering academics are set to cause a stir in the healthcare research space with a new cell and gene research project which could stand to help millions of people suffering from Ebola, HIV-AIDS and Malaria.

Salome Alexandra De Sa Magalhaes and Beatrice Melinek

In collaboration with CPI and the Innovation Launchpad Network+, Beatrice Melinek and Salome Alexandra De Sa Magalhaes will be gathering vital information during their Researcher in Residence placement with the aim of creating and commercialising a compact, standalone automated device for reliable, predictable and robust production of DNA. 

“This is the kind of exciting thing that biochemical engineers can bring to the table!”

Dr Beattie Melinek, August 2023

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