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Vax-Hub Outreach Team Visits Newham Collegiate Sixth Form

7 September 2022

The Vax-Hub outreach team visited Newham College Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) delivering a masterclass introducing 100 new Y12 students to biochemical engineering. They focused on the production of vaccines with interactive activities exploring career opportunities in the field

Vax Hub presenting at Newham College

James Bounds 

Director of Emerging Talent Programme at the NCS

“We were very keen to invite Vax-Hub to speak to our new Y12 students about Biochemical Engineering because we wanted to introduce them to a broad range of degrees they could study / career pathways they could pursue. The session was superb because it really opened our students' minds about a fascinating way they could use their knowledge of and interest in STEM to make a positive contribution to society. Many of our students are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare but would not think that they could develop their knowledge of and interest in Biology and Chemistry in an Engineering context. The session was inspiring, engaging, and informative, and the feedback from students was excellent. We hope to find future opportunities for our students to learn about Biochemical Engineering to help develop this interest, and hopefully today's NCS students will become the biochemical engineers of the future!"

Vax-Hub Outreach team
Ludovica Vaiarelli and Dr Stephen Morris 

“We were very pleased to be invited to the Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre to talk about the work we do at UCL Biochemical Engineering and within the UCL-Oxford Vax-Hub. The number of students who signed up for this session was far beyond our expectations! We enjoyed delivering this masterclass and discussing with students about degree options and career opportunities. We very much look forward to future engagement activities at the college!”

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For more information on how to engage with the Vax-Hub outreach programme please contact:

Ludovica Vaiarelli
Vax-Hub Outreach Coordinator