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Vax-Hub Outreach hosted Y12 students from Langdon Park School

11 November 2022

On Wednesday the 12th of October, Vax-Hub hosted Y12 students from Langdon Park School at UCL Biochemical Engineering. Students attended a masterclass on vaccine development and manufacture, followed by practical laboratory activities and a tour of the department lab facilities.

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Since July 2022, Vax-Hub has been collaborating with Langdon Park School with the aim of increasing awareness among young people of vaccine development and production, emphasising the role of biochemical engineering. To achieve so, this project offers practical laboratory experience – complementary to taught material – which is not accessible within traditional school environments.

The collaboration with the school represents a pilot project that Vax-Hub aims to extend to other institutions in the following academic year. Our strategy is to establish an interactive long-term action plan involving: 

  • Visits to schools to hold workshops on a number of topics including an introduction to biochemical engineering, vaccine manufacture, and career opportunities.
  • Visits by school groups to UCL Dept. of Biochemical Engineering to attend workshops on practical laboratory skills and laboratory tours.
  • Mini research projects for school groups. 

Our programs are primarily designed for interaction with school years 9, 10 and 12, and are intended to be tailored to the requirements of the specific school partner.

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For more information on how to engage with this programme please contact:
Ludovica Vaiarelli
Vax-Hub Outreach Coordinator