UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Samir Nuseibeh and Rana Khalife Scientific Advisors for Silent Witness

7 June 2022

UCL Biochemical Engineering colleagues Dr Samir Nuseibeh and Dr Rana Khalife have been helping out in the most recent series of the gripping procedural crime drama Silent Witness on the BBC and are credited as Scientific Advisors in Episode 5

Dr Samir Nuseibeh and Dr Rana Khalife

Fans of the globally-watched TV show may have noticed that UCL campus has featured a great deal in Silent Witness over the 26 years it's been broadcast, from the portico at the front of our university to lecture theatres.

Now, however, we're extremely excited to be able to finally announce that the production team called on two of our academics, Dr Samir Nuseibeh and Dr Rana Khalife, to provide scientific advice for episode 5 of the current series. You can see their names credited at the end of the episode along with police, forensic and stem cell advisors who all contributed to the show.