UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Welcome To The New 2022 Beaker Committee

28 July 2022

We're very pleased to announce the new members of the beaker society, from top left across Ferdinando (President), Hannah (Social Secretary), Alessia (Secretary), Delphine (Treasurer), bottom left across Lewis (Vice President), Paras (Comms Officer) and Yuhan Wang (Social Media)

2022 UCL Biochemical Engineering Beaker Society

Ferdinando Sereno, President

I studied a BSc in Biosciences and Biotechnologies at the University of Camerino (IT) and and then MSc in Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies at the University of Padova (IT)
I’m now studying an EngD in Biochemical Engineering and Bioprocess Leadership. 
My interest are: synthetic biology, vaccine development and, of course, encapsulins!
As President of The Beaker So city I want to organise fun and enjoyable social events and help new (and old) students feel at home in our amazing department!

Yuhan Wang, Social Media

Before coming to UCL Biochemical Engineering I took an MPhil in chemical engineering and biotechnology at University of Cambridge and am now on the EngD programme. My research interest is in Artificial intelligence
While being responsible for social media for The Beaker Socity I would like to give a better advertisement to our department, via social media to get feedback from students (which can be everything from their feelings for the programme or any social activities suggestion, etc.) and organise speakers from other institutes.

Delphine Tavernier, Treasurer

I studied my degree in Biochemical Engineering at UCL and am now doing an EngD on the impact of cell retention devices in the industrialisation of perfusion processes for recombinant protein manufacture. My research interest is in establishing and standardizing manufacturing processes for novel therapies
I'm looking forward to organising events where everyone can come along and have a good time.

Lewis Hall, Vice President

I was a degree student at UCL Biochemical Engineering taking the Meng programme with a year in industry at Sartorius, so this is my 5th year in the department, and am now an EngD student with and interested in cell and gene therapy bioprocessing! My EngD project is on improving the efficiency of AAV viral vectors via capsid design and bioprocess engineering
I'm looking forward to working with the other committee members to deliver some great events over the next year!

Alessia Tonoli, Secretary

I did my Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology at the University of Brescia, and my Master's degree in Industrial Biotechnology at the University of Padova, both in Italy.    I am now a PhD student in Biochemical Engineering at UCL in Prof. John Ward's group. My project is part of the Marie Curie ITN "CC-TOP", which is focused on the discovery and developing of carboligases for application in industrial biotechnology.    My research interests are Biocatalysis, Synthetic Biology, and Metagenomics.    As Secretary of the Beakers, I am looking forward to helping with the organisation of events for postgraduates in our department, and to create new occasions for meeting and have fun at BiochemEng.

Hannah Davison, Social Secretary

I did my A Levels in Northern Ireland (Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Music) before studying my integrated Masters in Chemical Engineering from University of Birmingham, where I graduated in July 2021. Now I am completing an EngD in Biochemical Engineering at UCL    My project looks at process development for the purification of monoclonal antibodies. I’m looking at using both modelling and experimental methods to characterise and optimise processes that will help make the purification process more continuous. 
I’m looking forward to planning events that will bring the whole department together, as I think spending time socialising is really important both for teamwork and a great work life balance!

Paras Sharma, Communication Officer 

For my Bachelors, I studied BSc Bioprocessing of New Medicines (Science and Engineering) here at UCL, before studying MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering with Biotechnology at Imperial College London. I am currently undertaking a MPhil/PhD Biochemical Engineering. My research interests are focused on high throughput process development for chromatographic operations in monoclonal antibody production processes.
I am looking forward to communicating the news and updates from the Beakers' to the rest of the cohort and department, and help organising the various social events throughout the year.