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Vax-Hub Working On Outreach Project With Langdon Park School

21 July 2022

The Vax-Hub Outreach team has designed an interactive programme to engage with teachers and pupils in schools to raise awareness of vaccine design, development, and large-scale manufacture.

Steve, Salome, and Ludo and Yasemin in UCL Biochemical Engineering

Steve, Salome, and Ludo have been working closely with Yasemin – a biology-specialised science teacher at Langdon Park School in East London – to design outreach activities for the academic year 2022-23.  

Yasemin on the collaboration with Vax-Hub: 

I did my undergraduate degree in biomedical science, an area I have always been passionate about. I was invited to take part in the Vax-Hub initiative by Dr Elpida Makrygianni MBE, the Engineering Education Developer and Coordinator in the UCL Faculty of Engineering, who was aware I am teaching science in an East London school. What struck me about this programme is that it fits with our aim to lift the career prospects of our students. As a biologist, it has been particularly interesting to learn about the molecular research behind vaccine design and to understand the role of biochemical engineering in bringing vaccines to market. I consider this programme an exceptional educational tool!

Vax-Hub Outreach team:

From the Vax-Hub side, the idea is to expand public awareness of what a vaccine contains, how it is produced and how laboratory research translates into commercially available vaccines. It is important to understand that, in between the labs and immunisation centres, are bio-factories that play a key role in enabling the large-scale production of vaccines. The aim of this programme is to establish ongoing relationships with schools, and provide them with useful resources and continuous support. We are very excited to be working with Yasemin and look forward to engaging with more schools interested to take part in this ongoing scheme.

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For more information on how to engage with this programme please contact:
Ludovica Vaiarelli
Vax-Hub Outreach Coordinator