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Brenda Parker Shortlisted for Driving Global Impact Award

15 September 2021

Dr Brenda Parker, associate professor in sustainable bioprocess design at UCL Biochemical Engineering, has made the 2021 Nature Research Award for Driving Global Impact for her research on environmental biotechnology, sustainability, and design to address and mitigate pollution

Nature Research Award for Driving Global Impact shortlist

The 2021 Nature Research Award for Driving Global Impact shortlist has been released, highlighting innovative solutions to tackle sustainability, the environment, healthcare, and water security. We're proud to announce our colleague Dr Brenda Parker (top, left in the picture above) has been nominated for the award, the winners and runners-up will be announced in November. 

Tackling climate change and humanitarian crises around the world requires global action and innovation. This year’s Nature Research Awards for Driving Global Impact, part of the academic publisher Springer Nature, put a spotlight on those early career researchers whose critical work in climate, cities, environment, healthcare and food security could provide insight into future solutions.

Speaking on the shortlist Richard Hughes, VP Publishing, Nature, said: “We see examples every day - and even more so across the last two years - of the vital role that research has on our social and global agenda. We also know that despite the vital impact of their work, some researchers are faced with challenges in terms of communicating and driving visibility around the impact that their work can have, linking it to our social agenda. We remain committed to supporting researchers in this endeavour and through the DGI awards aim to help shine a spotlight. Each of the finalists deserves great recognition for the work they have done or are seeking to do on a number of pressing global challenges.”

With over 350 entries from across 62 countries, this year’s 8 shortlisted researchers address challenges across healthcare protection, environmental intervention and food/water security.

The shortlist will be assessed by a leading panel of environment,climate and sustainability experts, where each submission will be assessed on their scientific achievements, the potential for scientific impact of their research programme as well as its impact on global challenges. The winner will be announced in November.*

As a publisher, Springer Nature takes its role in disseminating and promoting trusted information on relevant scientific developments, sustainable development and climate action seriously. Through its suite of awards, including the DGI award, it looks to extend this commitment by providing platforms to support researchers in communicating the impact of their research and extending the evidence-based approach that drives change forwards. More on the publisher's commitment to sustainability and climate action can be found here.

  • Full profiles for the shortlisted research can be viewed on nature.com.

More about Dr Brenda Parker

  • You can read Dr Brenda Parker's UCL IRIS Research Profile here
  • Dr Brenda Parker is the Programme Director of the Bio-Integrated Design MArch/MSc 
  • Dr Brenda Parker is the admissions tutor for degree programmes at UCL Biochemical Engineering
    Join her to find our more about our degrees on 8 October