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UCL iGEM recruiting for 2020 team

8 January 2020

International Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) is an international synthetic biology competition. UCL has had several successful teams over the past few years, applications from UCL degree students are open now. The deadline for applications has been extended to 31 January

UCL international genetic engineered machines competition team 2019

iGEM teams compete to design new biological parts and systems to tackle real-world problems from plastic degradation to novel diagnostic tools for diseases. iGEM is run as a summer internship combining biology, engineering, public engagement, mathematical modelling, entrepreneurship and web design. The team carries out supervised research over the summer and presents their findings at the Giant Jamboree in Boston in October. UCL's iGEM most recent team won Best New Basic Part, along with a Gold Medal and Special Commendation for Safety.
2019 iGEM team member Saverio Charalambous said: “iGEM throughout its entirety was a fantastic experience!!! Getting to work with a multidisciplinary team, interacting with the public, stakeholders and experts and incorporating their feedback for the creation of an optimised solution to a real-world challenge, allows you to develop multiple skills required in the modern working environment! The giant Jamboree was great, as we got to interact with multinational teams and interact with them in discussions for the potential of synthetic biology to help the world into all its aspects from manufacturing, to energy, sustainability, therapeutics and many others! A big collaborating community was once again created!”