UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


In2Science and Nuffield Brilliant Club pupils on summer placement at Biochemical Engineering

31 October 2017

As in the previous years the department hosted a number of work experience pupils working along side our scientist this summer. We are especially pleased to be able to support In2Science and the Nuffield Research Placement programme. Both charities are giving sixth form students from low-income backgrounds the opportunity to do a research placement.

Ana Christina helped our iGEM team with their exiting project –more info on their work will follow. Rebeca and Shavaiz worked with Stephen Morris on the production and characterisation of a vaccine. Jesley, Yusuf and Waheed helped Samir Aoudjane to manufacture a thermal control processor; once build they exerted thermal stress on antibodies and measured the effect it had. In addition all pupils had the chance get a tour our state of the art in-house facilities.

Samir about his project: “… The pupils utilised skills in Bioprocessing, as well as machining, electronics and programming.”

Rebeca about her work with Stephen: "Being part of a research team at UCL [Biochemical Engineering] was a very exciting and interesting experience. We got to produce and analyse data, which would actually be used as part of the research; so it was nice knowing that we contributed towards the project. It was very easy to understand some of the concepts that the team was involved in, such as how fermentation is carried out or how SDS Page Electrolysis is done."