UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


Dr Mohammed Jaffar Joins Biochemical Engineering MBI Programme

10 January 2017

A warm welcome Dr Mohammed Jaffar (Jaff) who joins The Department of Biochemical Engineering until the end of March from the Translational Research Office's Drug Discovery Group. 

Jaff has been working on developing a new on-line MBI module on Antibody Targeted Therapies as part of our HEFCE grant. While the majority of the module focusses on discovery and antibody-drug conjugates there is a lecture on regulatory aspects that will include some of the other members of the team. Jaff is also developing lecture on antibody manufacture that provides a link to our wider portfolio of MBI modules. The aim is for this to cover cell line development, mammalian cell culture/scale-up and downstream processing.

"This should be a really exciting development in the future of MBI..." Gary Lye, Head of Department. 

Read more about the Antibody-Targeted Therapy online course here.