UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering


UCL iGEM Team Win Gold Medal for 5th Consecutive Year!

2 November 2016

Well done to Amandeep Varia, Abbie Rogan, Hana Janebdar, Dale Stibbs, Kami Zmijewskil, Kuba Domaradzki, Chichi Ihuegbu, Neythan Treloar, Michelle Ammann and Yuqiao Liu who have not only won a gold medal at the iGEM in Boston this year, but were nominated for Best New Composite BioBrick Award, Best Therapeutic Award AND Best Entrepreneurship Award!

The 2016 UCL iGEM team is made up of UCL Biomedical Engineering, Life Sciences, Biochemistry and Master’s degree students and was based in The Department of Biochemical Engineering.

You can read more in an interview with Abbie Rogan here.

If you're inspired by this and want to join the 2017 team please get in touch with Dr Darren Nesbeth to find out more.